• S O B J E & Svatební Cirkus

    S O B J E  & Svatební Cirkus

    Last Saturday in January was a beautiful day. We spent it in a company of another brands which want to make your wedding day so special. We were a part of a lovely event Svatební Cirkus.

    And it wasn’t that usual boring wedding market with a horrible starched tablecloths, artificial floral decorations and a five-storey cakes with a tasteless plastic figures. The organizers made sure with a selection of exhibitors, whom were selecting very carefully. This is the reason why we were so happy to be a part of the event!

    We met there a great Everbay photographers and Honza Martinec. We also met with four women, who stand for a wedding agency Yes & Yes. Then we really admired the natural and floral decoration of Plevel.

    At the fair, most of the time we spent at our Odivi Sobje budoir, where we let future brides to look at a silk wedding dress, lacy underwear or sequin dress, that perfectly fits to the bachelor party.

    If you anticipate that your better half will propose to you within a year, be sure to come to the next fair, which will be hopefully organized next year again! Perhaps we will meet you there!

    And a little surprise for you - at the turn of March and April you can enjoy the first SOBJE collection.




    Younger sister of ODIVI fashion brand, which decided to go its own way. Created for brides, which have their own personal style, follow their dreams and avoid resembling whipped-cream-cake during their wedding.

    That's the reason why the bride chooses dress, in which she can dance all day long till the shimmering sunrise without uncomfortable feelings caused by scratchy corsets, dress in which they can eat as many pieces of wedding cake as they like. We believe wedding cakes belong on the celebration table, which the bride should not resemble in any case. 

    When two persons say "I do.". When they say "I do." in the way they dreamt of together.


    Meet SOBJE during Svatební cirkus this Saturday, from 12AM till 8PM. Looking forward!



    We are looking for newbies to join our ODIVI team! We'd like to enhance and support our creative division.

    In ODIVI we believe in what we do. Our work is our hobby, therefore we would like to welcome a new teammember with similar mindset. Someone who is autonomous and is not afraid of expressing creative thoughts and showing us his abilities and skills . The new person overflows with creative ideas! He/she also wants to peek behind the curtains and find out how a fashion brand works or simply just wants to experience the backstage of fashion week.


    The ideal candidate of creative gang should possess those qualities:

    • is highly interested in fashion
    • is independent, responsible, attentive
    • is communicative and outgoing
    • is time-flexible
    • owns a good-quality device and is passionate about taking pictures/videos
    • posess very good digital media skills
    • has wide range of knowledge about digital and social media
    • is passionate about recording of what is just goning on
    • knows how to create web contents
    • is eager to learn new things
    • fluent English (written and oral)


    ODIVI is offering?

    • place in passionate and creative young team
    • position in a fashion oriented environment
    • experience and contacts within the fashion industry
    • the possibility to use your own initiative and creativity
    • tasks you would be fully responsible for

    Is this you? Great! Send us links to your profiles on different social medias , 3 pictures you would post on ODIVI Instagram page if it was up to you, short post which you'd publish on blog (and we mean SHORT). Send all to Don't forget to mention you want to be part of the creative gang in the subject of the email. Deadline for submission is January 20th 2016. Being part of the creative gang is unpaid position with a start date - 1st February 2016 in Prague! 

    We are looking forward to hearing from you!